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The Port Edward Harbour Authority was incorporated early in February 1996 under the direction of its new Board of Directors. The Directors of the HA are appointed to their positions through submissions from the District of Port Edward Municipal Council as per requirement set out by Small Craft Harbours and the terms of incorporation.


The Authority’s first responsibility was to put operations management in place to take over the role from Small Craft Harbours in Porpoise Harbour (Port Edward). In quick order an administration staff was hired under the authority of the General Manager. The Port Edward site was in full operation by June 1996. The following year Small Craft Harbours asked the Harbour Authority to take over the management of the Rushbrook Harbour site that included Cow Bay. Rushbrook was at that time under a commissioned Harbour Manager and the position was being dissolved. PEHA  agreed and more staff was hired to be on site and manage the harbour activities. A year and a half later the same request was made of Fairview Harbour and again that harbour was added to the Port Edward Harbour Authority’s contract with Small Craft and again another staff member was hired by the HA.


The four sites provides annual moorage for between nineteen hundred and twenty three hundred vessels annually dependant on the fishing season and weather.      





Rushbrook Harbour
Fairview Harbour
Rushbrook Harbour
Port Ed Harbour
Cowbay Harbour
Port Ed Harbour
Port Ed Harbour
Port Ed Harbour



PEHA is responsible for ongoing management, operation and maintenance of Porpoise Harbour Marina Complex, Rushbrook, Cowbay and Fairview Harbours.  Ensuring safe accessible service for harbour fishers and other users, with the overall goal of enhancing harbour facilities, operations and economic development.

Mission Statement

The Port Edward Harbour Authority is dedicated to the preservation, development and management of our commercial fishing harbours as historic, cultural and economic assets for the people of the North Coast


PEHA vision is to drive a new era of development; reviving our harbours to reach their full potential by collaborating with all community partners to create harbours that contribute to the success of the commercial fishing way of life.



Rushbrook Harbour is located at the north end of George Hills Way and has about a four hundred vessel capacity. About one third of its capacity has been reserved for non-commercial fishing vessels based on availability during non-commercial fishing periods. It has lighted floats with shore power and fresh water supplied to the fingers. There is a loading and offloading float, two gang ramps entering the harbour from a singe lane timber decked approach wharf. On the west end of the wharf there is a hand crank derrick type winch. The approach wharf is lit but there is no power or water supplied to it. The Harbour office is on the land at the foot of the approach. The office is open for business Monday to Friday and seven days a week during the fishing season. The building has Men’s and Ladies washrooms and a single pay shower.
Fairview Harbour is really two harbours at the foot of Gore Ave. The total capacity of the harbours is approximately two hundred and fifty vessels. The floats are wood with lighting, shore power and fresh water. On the south harbour the approach is a narrow pedestrian timber wharf that is lit and a garbage container is provided. There is no special provision for parking but limited area is available. On the north end there is a concrete wharf with an electric derrick for loading and unloading and parking lot for approximately 25 vehicles. Fairview Harbour has an office on the wharf and a harbour manager is on duty during regular working hours. There is a washroom , shower and laundry  facility, garbage service are offered.
Port Edward aka Porpoise Harbour Marina Complex
The Porpoise has a capacity for about two hundred and fifty vessels and is designed to handle vessels up to about 60 metres. The floats are mainly wooden decked attached to concrete drive down ramps on both the north and south side of the harbour. They are lighted and have shore power and supplied fresh water. There is almost 1000 feet of floats with gillnet repair racks. The site has two very large building complexes that house storage lockers, a vessel repair company net and gear storage, a seine net repair area, a seine net and gillnet storage facility, the harbour maintenance shop and the head office of the Harbour Authority. There is a moderate amount of concrete decked clear wharf space with four powered winches to hoist fishing gear, a fish off-loading contractor and two tractor trailer wharf access ramps. There is a large land based vessel repair area and a 15 ton travel lift operated by the vessel repair tenant. There is on site permit parking for about 50 vehicles and a fenced and open storage area. The site has a men’s and ladies washroom and shower facility and a coin laundry mat.
Cow Bay is located in Cow Bay between the Yacht Club and Cowbay Marina . Cow Bay floats are wood floats with capacity for about fifteen smaller vessels. There is no power, lighting or fresh water on the site. The site has a timber approach that can allow small trucks or cars to drive out to the gang ramp. The site doesn’t have a winch as there is not enough water depth around the wharf to allow to safe tie-up of vessels at low water.


Seine Lane Rental


Net Mending


Travel Lift

Net Storage





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